Saturday, 24 December 2011

and a..

Very very happy holiday to everyone

may it be filled with laughter and love


Monday, 19 December 2011


Exhausted! These last 6 weeks have been probably the hardest work of my life. Harder than when I was working full time, doing a part time MA plus 5 evening shifts at the post office over the Christmas period!
I've sold more pea pods than I could ever have imagined, the thought of making anymore at this moment is not one I wish to think about for a week or so - I love them dearly but we have spent a little too much time in each others company of late.
I have been coming home from the day job at 6 ish, turning the comp on, checking emails and printing out orders, packing up and making more stuff, and getting to bed most nights after 1. Usually eating around 11. Then weekends have been 18 hour days with 4 am nights. Ridiculous!
But... I now have three glorious wonderful complete weeks off work. I have ideas that have been brimming and swimming round in my head and I have the supplies waiting for me.
The final package will arrive tomorrow, and then I can really get on.
But for now.. maybe bed.. or maybe just a small last glass of wine (to help me sleep you understand).

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Organisation Agh!!

Why is it when you have stocked up on just about everything you think you might need, you have more supplies than you can shake a stick at, you go and run out of the things you thought you had loads of!!
I keep a very close beady eye on supplies, on fittings, on chains, on boxes I am a reasonably well organised person in many areas of my life. But... the things you can't see a level of are the things that jump out and take you by surprise. Ink for the printer (how do I get through so much when I do everything on fast draft and even grey scale many times. Padded envelopes, you think 50 would be enough at a time but oh no, and then gas for your torch, you have a spare and then find that that has been run down as well.
So bang goes my Sunday at home 'doing' gotta go and get the car and go 'getting' instead.