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Hi, my name is Sue, I'm the body and hands behind SomethingXtraSpecial.
We got that name sitting having breakfast one Saturday morning, and I kept saying 'I want something with the word special - something special' - and that already existed, so was born somethingxtraspecial!

When I was very young, about 5 or six my father made me the most beautiful crystal and ruby ring. (Perspex and glass ;-).  It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and I was astounded that you could 'make' jewellery.  I believe that is where my adoration and passion for jewellery started. 

perspex ring made by my dad

Years later I learned silver smithing.  I left it for a while as the tools were just too expensive for me at the time.  I got interested in beading and after that I discovered fine silver, and from there I found my way back to sterling again.  Now I love using the both, they each have their own personalities and I love the scope of using either one.

I have a love of the shapes of natue. Everything in life is made up of a few basic shapes and this is where I find my inspiration. I adore anything quirky (I'm an Aquarian!!) and so, some of what I do may look a little mainstream, but generally it will have some kind of quirk to it.

The world of selling online is a mad world, that has so much to offer and so much to understand and learn, and that is what I generally natter about here, my journey on this path of online jewellery selling.

Please leave a comment if anything interests you or if you agree / disagree, I'd love to hear from you.

May your day be calm

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