My Pea Pods

My little Pea Pods.

When I designed my little 'uns, I tried to design a style that would adapt to all the numbers of peas you might put in.  Originally I had the pod a little more closed but my preference is for the slightly comical open pod.  I am tall and I like wearing quite large chunky jewellery however, I have come to realise that not everyone in this world is like me! (I needed to get to a certain place in my life to realise this).  So I made them small enough to be discreet for the person who likes small jewellery, but not so tiny they look daft.  Over the years I have added different accessories to them, and over the years, of making literally hundreds (if not thousands) of these little cherubs, each one by hand, I have perfected a style that I can reproduce time and again, so that  there is a consistency of standard but each with it's own tiny little unique individual personality, that thing you can only get from hand crafted stuff.
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The Pendants
(Also in ones)

The Charms
(in a variety of styles and numbers)

The Earrings
(in a variety of styles and numbers)

(available in ones upward)


Key ring

Tie Pins


(available from two to five)

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