Sunday, 25 November 2012

More on the Resin Front

Just love these new photo pendants.  I am so lucky to know so many artist friends, and they have all agreed for me to use their images, which I think is lovely, no generic pictures but real art form images.  Many more to come, just trying to find the time to upload them all.
All in the new shop SxtraS

Just playing with Pretty - Steampunk

I know it's now called steampunk, but when I started loving this stuff was back in 1991 on a trip to Bologna, where I saw in a gypsy market a brooch made up of old watch parts.  Since that day I have saved and collected all my old watches.  Here is what I have been playing with.  I made a few so have listed some in the resin shop.

Timeless Love
Link to steampunk timeless love heart

Friday, 16 November 2012

Win a Solid Silver Pea Pod!

I belong to the lovely metalclayhead team and there is an article about ME this month.  If you comment on the post (not this one but the metalclayhead one) - you'll be in with a chance to win!  That's all you have to do.  
Click here to go to the post

Good luck and thank you 

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Sometimes you just want to do something different!

So, I was standing outside the kitchen looking in, when I found myself thinking 'now Alan's picture is exactly the colour I want to wear with my jumper'.  Alan is the BF and he is an artist.  He tends to leave his pictures on a shelf in the kitchen to dry.  It suddenly hit me that I could make it into jewellery.  I did, and then found myself talking to another artist friend and so now I have two very different styles and a new shop.  Quite a little diversion from the silver, but I just fancied something for a change - certainly not giving up on the silver just wanted to make some big bold things. So here they are - in my new shop on etsy: SxtraS