Saturday, 26 June 2010

Art and Photography - Vance Studios at Artfire

Art and photography are both to be found from this very talented lady Christine at Vance Studios:

"I've also been the crafty one on my family. I inherited my fine art abilities from my maternal grandmother, and my "vision" of developing ideas from my father. Together, they (sometimes a dangerous combination!) cause me to stretch beyond my 'craft comfort zone.'

I graduated from college with a BA in interior design and jumped feet first into my new career as a commercial interior architect. With great devotion and a gene of perfectionism, I worked long hours leaving no time for my own art. Since then, the economy tanked out …….. I am able to give myself an escape into my own little world of art! Every ink line, stroke of paint, and shutter of the camera relays a pART of me, to which I would only entrust the best."


Christine Vance said...

Wow! I just saw that you posted this! Thank you SO much for the lovely feature!

Somethingxtraspecial said...

Sorry you didn't see it before - I did leave you a message on artfire to let you know.

Christine said...

Haha! You did! I'm just a little behind in things, I guess! :) Thanks again!