Sunday, 3 October 2010

Patinas for pmc

I am by no means going to claim to be an expert here, but have been delighted with the results I have been getting with liver of sulphur of late. Just thought I'd share a few ideas.
A lot of the how to's say you should mix the liver of sulphur (LOS) with boiling hot water and keep dunking. Well all of the tutorials on youtube that I've watched show their items turning dark then brown then black, which when you want colour isn't really that helpful so... here's what I've found.
You'll need, bicarb of soda, LOS, ammonia, and plenty of kitchen towl.

Yes, start with hottish water, but have a bowl of very cold water close by plus a solution of bicarb of soda and water to hand. (about two or three heaped tea spoons in a cup of cold water).
First make sure the silver is ready to go. By that I mean that it is finished and polished. Then clean it with a dab of bicarbwith a drop of water to make sure there's no greasy residue.
Now you are ready to start.
A cup of hot water (from the kettle), a drop of ammonia and a drop of LOS. (I use liquid). Stir it up.
Dunk quickly then dunk in cold water. Dry it off with paper towel, and then wait. To get colour it is time consuming. Now slow down and watch, let the water cool a bit,dunking in LOS solution and then cold water and waiting for the colour to emerge. If the solution gets too cold, you apparently can heat it in a microwave - which I do - don't know if that's dangerous, but I read you could and I'm still here. As soon as you have the colour you want dunk it straight in the bicarb solution to neutralise it.
If you have gone too far, and it has started to turn black, I dunk it in silver dip - works for me -as long as you clean with bicarb again it works a treat.
Good colouring!

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