Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Getting into leaves

Ages ago I tried my hand at making leaves, and wasn't that impressed with the result. I then refound the piece and recrafted part of it and suddenly I thought it was just the loveliest thing. So.. that started me off again. Of course it isn't really the right time of year to be looking for leaves but that brought it's own inspirations with colours, I love treating the silver so they arrive with gorgeous colours. The one on the left however just struck me that it looked like an angel. It was made using a type of a sycamore leaf (the maple family??) and isn't the normal wide leaf but looked like wings and a gown. I now have a whole little bush that are waiting to be finished and photographed!!


Thea said...

I love how the one on the right shimmers too! Lovely!

Somethingxtraspecial said...

Thank you Thea, I do too, I'm afraid I'm rather a addicted to these little beasts at the moment!