Monday, 27 December 2010

Designing with crystals.

Latest designs from the holidays! I have a love of circles, circles appear everywhere in nature, nearly everything that has a regular form in nature is related one way or another to a circle. Check it out the next time you see a leaf or a flower, or even a rainbow!

So, while these may be quite abstract, I feel they reflect nature's treasure chest. They are made with fine silver and crushed minerals. My biggest problem is not having a camera with a spot function, and so they aren't as detailed and crisp as they are in real life. The colours shown here are a mix of greens, blues and teals. They catch the light and are so sparkly! I like the constrast with the heavy designs of the silver. I tried manipulating the colours in photo shop, but felt that was cheating a little, even though it does give a better impression of what they are really like. (The large pic is as it came, the small picture shows the manipulated shot.)

(And in case you were wondering - this isn't one necklace but 5 pendants!)

Now just got to get on and upload and list them. Sadly for the bank balance - I'm completely addicted - yet again!

Happy New Year!!

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