Sunday, 30 January 2011

Adventures with a new kiln

I have finally been able to afford a kiln. Until now I have been firing with a torch in the bathroom, but I have now stepped into the world of silver with a kiln. It arrived on Tuesday, but I have just been looking at it all week, too scared to turn it on. All the instructions keep giving warnings of all the dire consequences of what can happen if not used properly.

Tonight is Saturday night, and finally I have gotten up the courage to use it.. the following was my online stream of consciousnous:

awwwww! I have finally turned my kiln on! There is a little chimney of smoke coming out the hole ;-) Cats are very curious but none too happy (good). I am sitting here holding a glass of red wine and smoking furiously (bad) .... so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and still a bit scary. Why do I not have any fear with a blow torch blasting out fire in my bathroom but am so trepidatious with an enclosed well insulated metal box? mmm room smelling none too good ha ha
(how long does it take to get to temperature?). Sip wine - calm down. Digi timer set and ready to go - come on.... mmm smell not good (or is that the cigarette?).
Cats eyeing me with suspicion and distaste. Cats leaving through catflap! Bye cats! (hope they come back).
Smoke stopped - temp getting there - now 530... now 636 (25 minutes so far) .. and now we are at target heat - Timer on! (no fear of charcoal fest tonight - unless I doze off in a drunken stupor in the next half hour that is .. now where are the cats!!
Blimey am I glad I have this timer - I forgot!! It is so quiet I expected whirring and clunking. 4.51 mins to go.
.........Now it's done. That took an hour for 35 mins heating time - mm that's good, in future I think I'll use that time to list my items. How long to cool back down - lets see.
Ha much quicker with the ruddy door open that's for sure!
Right - one and a half hours later I reckon I can go and get my treasur out of the safe - and then maybe go search for the moggies!! (Actually they've come back and are soundly snoozing).
Thank you for (whether you wanted to or not) sharing this adventure with me!


Dotty said...

You made me laugh- thats the sort of verbal stream I have when feeling out of my depth! It's got to be safer than using atorch though! Look forward to seeing your beautiful results:)

Somethingxtraspecial said...

Thank you Dotty. I've used it a couple of times now and feel comfortable with it now but that first night was very trepidatious!! (mind I had to get the BF to do the torching the first few times I was terrified!!

Seavbeach Designs said...

I love this! You always make me laugh.