Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Most Romantic Proposal !!!

About three months ago my lovely gorgeous friend asked me to make a ring for him and his partner. He wasn't really sure what he wanted so we sat down and talked around the houses for about two months! The original design was made (many times) and I just didn't like it, so came up with something else. It was easy enough to get my friends ring size but the partner? tricky! He only has one ring and wears it all the time so we couldn't 'borrow' that to size it. I tried posting a random post on Facebook asking for people to tell me if they knew their men's ring sizes... even though he is an ardent FB poster, he didn't bite! So I started carrying around my ring guages and tossed them on the table while we were having coffee one day and asked if he could tell me his, I was starting a new range and wanted to know the 'average'. Finally we had a size. The new design was a goer, a thick silver band with a solitaire diamond in a flush set, with a heart inside and a secret message engraved!
Moving on one month to the proposal.
A short holiday in Marrakesh, a hot air balloon ride and my lovely friend, apparently gripping on for dear life, popped the question. And the answer was yes, as the picture shows - by the pool with a Morrocan tea.
I am so happy!! Will get more details when they get back.
Just wanted to post this, to show romance isn't dead!


Envydesignsjewelry said...

What a fantastic story! Those rings are incredible too!

Somethingxtraspecial said...

Jennifer thank you, it really was I think the most romantic thing I have ever heard!

Andy said...

I concur ... it is romantic indeed! ;)