Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Rambling rant about uploading

I have no point whatsoever to write here except to rant a little bit about how bloody long it takes to upload stuff. I'm slowly - very slowly - trying to get the new website up - I have a deadline of the 24th June before my subscription to MrSite expires. (Once I've moved I will publish my draft rant about them ;-)

I searched high and low for a decent web hosting server. I do not do html, I can do one or two lines but I do not do website design from scratch. And... oh my word, is there snobbery about that or what. Just about everywhere you go to read up about stuff you get bombarded with 'pay for a professional' or you should do it yourself. I cannot afford to pay a professional who is any good, I have looked at so many custom web design sites, and quite frankly, so many of them look just like that ruddy Chinese site that ripped off mine (and loads of other Etsy sellers pictures last year), they (many of them not all) are so generic. Sure, the likes of Tiffany etc have the thousands on sqidoolies to pay for that, but I am just trying to scrape together a living from this, not charge more than the earth for a piece of jewellery, which I would have to if I was to employ one of the good chaps. I am also a bit of a control freak when it comes to this stuff, so I don't want someone else doing all the design, and I also don;t know till I see it whether I like it.

But back to the snobbery bit for a moment - why is there this impression that if you are going to sell online, you can only be thought of as serious if you built your website from scratch? I mean, I drive a car, but I'm not an engineer. Doesn't mean I can't drive, or shouldn;t drive or even am a bad driver (I challenge anyone to get into the tight spaces I can park my car in), so why oh why do so many people have this impression that a bought package is so inferior?

Anyway, that is my two minute rant over.


bluetina said...

You rant away! I understand what you're saying, my dear! I did a site for my husband on Mr Site a few years ago - took me bloody ages! I managed to snag one of the freebie Supadupa ones. I was sceptical at first, because it was free, but it has proved very easy to work with. I just posted the link to it on my blog if you want to check it out.

PS.I do love your peapod stuff. It's very clever!

Sue Hodgson Jewellery said...

I loved just loved mine to start with, but lately it has gone terrinly awry and I have so lost patience with it - it certainly hasn't done my professional reputation any good thats for sure.
Thank you about the pea pods, I am very proud of them and always accept all and any compliment!!