Monday, 2 July 2012

What is Social about Social Networking

Am I in the wrong place?
I have recently noticed that facebook ads are being targeted at me from loads of other jewellery sellers. I pointed out on a random post that this was a bit like sending flyers to McDonalds trying to sell them burgers. Got me to thinking.

I know why they are on my newsfeed / page, but in a way it shows me that facebook maybe isn't targeting very well, so that's knocked my faith a little in facebook ads but it showed a wider activity that I constantly see, and of course at the start I was part of.

Please like my page and I will like yours!
Follow me and I'll follow you!

What? what on earth is the use in that? If you have a page that is trying to promote that you sell cars, is there really much point in asking to see everyone else's car promotions? You know sure as eggs is eggs that they aren't interested in your car just want everyone to see their car.

Obviously there are exceptions, and for teams and things I get that there is a cross pollination, and help, and of course we all like a pat on the back.

But on Etsy, on Folksy, on Linkedin I constantly see the 'please like/follow me' posts and other than getting numbers I really am at a loss as to what people feel the point is, other than having a ton of not your style stuff delivered to your news feed and twitter feed. In fact I went through and unfollowed about 500 people on twitter a few months ago, because all I could ever see in my twitter feed was 'new listing on etsy' x 100 a day. Seriously, there is rarely anything like that that I click on. I will click on a friends', I will click on something totally different, or something very similar to see the competition, but not to buy.

So, am slowly getting very disillusioned with the whole 'social networking' thing, and honestly - who ever called it that, since when was shoving promos in my face social networking?

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bluetina said...

Good post, Sue! I have recently run a FB ad. Only because they sent me some free credit, of course! I gained 160 new fans but I have the distinct feeling that they are all more interested in the funnies and witticisms I post than looking at the jewellery. I love the cat in the washing machine!

Sue Hodgson Quirky Silver said...

Hey Tina
thanks. I don;t want to give the impression that I never like other peoples stuff, more the idea about this pervasive lets all like each and that will help our business. I just don't get it. I recently joined linkin properly - have been signed up for a few years, and I was really struck by the lets all like each other posts. I wanted to say 'it won;t do any good' you need none jewellery makers liking your stuff.
By the way - I seriously do like your stuff!