Sunday, 5 August 2012

Skin Cancer - Wear sunscreen !!!

Not my normal post, but with all this lovely weather I am quite stunned by how so many people just still don't seem to have gotten the message.  The sun can do real damage if you aren't careful.  20 years ago I started hearing of people with skin cancer and started being careful, wearing factor 40 or 50, staying in the shade, infact staying indoors between 11 and 4 but the damage was done and 20 years on I had a little place on my nose!  Now the thing is English Doctors aren't all always on the ball with skin cancer, and although I did finally go to a doctor, she fobbed me off and made me feel like a vain idiot.  As it turned out it was something, and more than that another tiny tiny little pimple on the end of my nose which I showed the surgeon on the day of my surgery even got little attention until a by chance glance under a magnifier, turned out to be the bad one out of the two.  The result was 30 odd stitches and a new experience - not wearing make up!  I haven't gone without makeup for more than a few days since I was 15, but it's now 3 weeks since I wore any.
If you fancy reading more, here is a blog on what happened.  If not, then if nothing else please keep protected in the sun.


Dotty said...

Oh bless you- thank goodness you got someone to look at it. My Mum had surgery last year to remove a similar thing. She has never really been a sun-worshiper but my Dad loved being out in the sun and so she would be out with him and she has very fair skin. I amazes me how little people understand about it!

Sue Hodgson Quirky Silver said...

Hi Dotty - thank you. I reckon it'll be like smoking - it's going to take a long time before people really believe it can do serious damage. Hope your mum is doing fine now.

Janie said...

You are beautiful with out makeup, you don't need it. You have wonderful eyes and such a pretty smile. Hope it is healing well!

Sue Hodgson Quirky Silver said...

Oh Janie aren't you sweet, thank you so much for commenting. It's going slow, (a bit slower than anticipated and a month after am still walking round with a blinking silly bandage on my nose, it's been over a month now (of no make - up lol). Thank you xxxx

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting.