Thursday, 10 January 2013

A new year A new plan

Well that's the idea. Last year I had virtually no time for my self or my lovely man. It was all about the jewellery. Being obsessive is not all it's cracked up to be. So my New Year's plan (we stopped resolutions years ago - when they stopped working) is to get a much better work life balance.
My first plan of action has been to take off most of the custom pieces from my site and shop, if it's made it's for sale, if it's not made, it's not for sale.
The relief I feel knowing that when that bing bong for a sale comes in that its something that is already made is incredible.
What I am hoping, is to get a bit of my life back, to be able to relax a bit, get back to creating - what I want to create, and get back to being a bit more regular with my blog.
7 or so years ago I did a journalist course. The reason I did the course is because I love writing - I decided again getting a job in journalism for many reasons, but the love of writing is still there and I miss coming here and blathering away.
So watch this space!
And... A very happy and healthy and peaceful New Year to anyone reading this.
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Vickie said...

Happy New Year Sue, I hope the year brings you all you wish for :)

Dotty said...

Happy New Year Sue! January is a great time for re-evaluating stuff.

Sue Hodgson Quirky Silver said...

Thank you Dotty - you are right it is - I hope you get all the things you want sorted out done as well xx

Sue Hodgson Quirky Silver said...

Thanks Vickie - course its a slightly different temperature for our plans to yours ;-) xxx