Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Backgrounds: Black or White

I have been playing around with pictures recently and have had some of my images cut out from their backgrounds (see the post below for the results).  This then leads on to the next question which is the best background to place the images? Black or white?  White appears to be cleaner and crisper, but black seems to show off the silver better;

As you can see here, in isolation the white gets a little lost, but the black really stands out. Put together on a neutral background shows the difference a little better. So I asked my lovely facebook friends as a little survey, so far its an overwhelming 'black'. You can see the responses here

As was pointed out, for print purposes the black would be a non goer really as it is so ink heavy, but I also know that for line sheets etc white is preferred, but it really is true that black shows it up best. Or is that because its a masculine product? that came out in a lot of comments, the black looks better because its for men, so where does that leave us with stuff for women? My dilemma now is I am in the process of changing my website over, do I go black background or white? I see most are white and it is true that it is much easier on the eye, but there is no denying, black has more impact. So... what do you think? Black or white?
Would love to hear your comments!

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