Sunday, 13 March 2011

Gotta get the hallmark sorted!!

Here's another little beast. However, I think, trying to decide, that this one I am keeping for myself. The problem is that these are coming out quite the weight little beasts, and in the UK you can't sell silver if weighs over 7.8 grams if it hasn't been hallmakred by the assay office. I am in the process of organising this, however it is expensive and annoying ;-) and so at the moment I can only sell my heavy bits outside UK. Perfect excuse me thinks for not selling this at all! (It also fits me perfectly - mm - wonder how that happened)


Janie said...

Very nice ring Sue! Lol, I think you should keep it to!

Dotty said...

It is lovely- how annoying, but it would be hard to part with it I think!

Somethingxtraspecial said...

Yeah I keep looking at it - but I have so much already!!