Tuesday, 1 March 2011

So excited - rings are firing!!

I'm just so excited. I have rings finishing off now - can't wait!!

I also have AAPD ( artist attention Project Disorder!!)
A fellow team member from the metalclayheads team on Etsy) has just helped me diagnose myself!! Laura from Zoewyn on Etsy (amazing creations) says:

Quote: it is commonly mis-diagnosed as ADD or ADHD, since it is a "special" disorder, being not common in the general public, but it is in epidemic proportions within the artistic community.

It is best treated with caffeine, chocolate, and some rocking music, and lots and lots of alone studio time

It flairs during times of stress when the artist can only visit a work table for short spurts of time. Unquote
Thank You Laura - I was quite worried!!


Dotty said...

LOL-you better take the advised treatment! Can't wait to see the new rings

Somethingxtraspecial said...

I did, in great measures!!