Tuesday, 22 February 2011

New FBML Welcome page on Facebook.

Ove the weekend I updated my welcome page on my facebook page. There is an option of using FBML to have a stand alone page that new visitor see when they visit your page. To see it in its full size either click on the link here or go the fine silver tab above. It's really nice to be able to personalise it instead of just a whole pile of comment afer comment. However, this is the second time I have done it and each time I forget how I did it last time!!! I have made notes so I can remember for next time but not sure I'll understand them. There are some great tutorials around, however, they have mostly been written by very computer savvy people, who just don't get that an awful lot of us aren't really much good with html. Anyway, love the cut and paste function. (Don't you just wish it was available in your life!!). That's all for tonight - I was jolly pleased with it, hence me posting it here!!

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Anonymous said...

This is an absolutely stunning site! The pieces look so good. I've seen thee originals up close and the photos really bring out how fabulous the work is! The colours and textures are beautiful!