Saturday, 5 February 2011

Spring is coming - honest!!

Carrying on with the theme, this has just been finished, though not connected as it needs to be for a necklace, but the cleaning up has been done. I was able to get the patina the exact same colour as the cubix zircona - a lovely pinky mauve, however once you lacquer them, the colour loses some of its warmth, but at least it will be safe to wear. If you look carefully it has three crystals in the lowest is a mauvy colour the next up is a pinky red, and the top one is a pale lilac.

I think, this one is staying with me. Two reasons, one - I am sooo pleased with it and two - until I get my hallmark sorted out I can't sell it in the UK anyway, as we have a law here that anything weighing over 7.8 grms must be hallmarked by the assay office, and this beast weighs nigh on 12 grms!! So would be blinkin expensive anyway! (£60 / $98), so reckon it's time for a present for me, and anyway it's my birthday very very soon!!

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