Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Internet Marketing and me - getting seen

The holy grail of internet market:

If you want to see an amazing example of SEO then do this. Type in google search the word 'duster'. (Bearing in mind what you are expecting to see) and then do a google image search. See what comes up? Is that not incredible!

I was lucky enough recently to spend some good quality time with the designer of that product, and when he showed me I was blown away. So, how on earth.

Now I am not going to even start to say I have any clue how to become that successful, what I do know is that if you aren't careful, it can take over your life, as it has been doing mine for about a month so far.

What are some of the thing you can do? well from what I can garner, any image you upload should be tagged and named, not just have the camera ID numbers. For me? well I have over two hundred products uploaded, over about 7 or so odd sites. Each item has 4 or 5 photos with each item, therefore that is ... loads of bloody photos. So, you are right, I am not going to go and completely re-do all my photos, but what I did do was take the first photo of the more popular products and add a tag and rename them, and re upload. Now if I go and do an image search on some of my items mine are on the first page of images. Not saying that is the only reason, but it all helps. (And google is making us all work like stink at the moment)

Now if you have vista or more recent, its quite an easy process, you'll see in the viewer that you can add a tag eaily. However in windows 2003 and below I can't for the life of me find where you can do it, so I have to put my memory stick of pics on another comp and do them. Of course it goes without saying - although I will later, that your photos have to be top notch, but that's another post.

Loads of other things to add, but this is getting long, so will add more posts as I get round to it. Again, anyone have anything to add please do so, the more the merrier and any suggestions shared are always useful.

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