Monday, 27 June 2011

New Links

Well I just did that scariest of things, and changed some links on my website. All in the name of SEO but I am very worried that a load of the links I had before pointing to my website will now be as dead as the cat that is jumping all over the computer will be in a minute!.
So while this looks like I have just added a bunch of photos for the heck of it, in fact it's to try and check the links.
I have also bought the domain for me and it should also point to my website - we'll see.

Well - that I didn't know - copy a bracket from a url and it will turn into a percentage sign and add numbers to it!! Glad I checked!


Dotty said...

The links worked for me!

Somethingxtraspecial said...

Thank you Dottie (M!!). As far as I can see at the moment they are working, but there is always one little b' who I miss and then someone tells me 'yr website isn't working' lol. I've got some new pages to add later in the week, and that's another potential disaster waiting to happen!