Saturday, 8 May 2010

Glass - Lalalampwork

I first saw Helen's beads on Twitter where this lovely little pig kept popping up! I wrote to Helen and asked if she'd mind if I posted a picture up here, she very kindly said it was ok and here he is:

My name is Helen Mitchell and I live in a village near Peterborough. I am married to Jason and between us we have 4 lovely girls ... I began beadmaking in December 2005, my husband bought me a starter kit for Christmas after I had been going on for months that I wanted to make my own beads after seeing a display at a bead fair. I knew it was for me and ever since then have been totally addicted.... My bead making gives me a purpose and a goal and without it I am sure I would be a bit lost and probably quite mad!!!

See more of her work at:
Twitter: lalalampwork

Thank you so much Helen

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