Saturday, 1 May 2010

Art - Zypsiollia

Renee calls her art 'dark' - I find it very interesting!

Zypsiollia consists of Renee Gorman - me. When I was a little girl being an artist was the thing I wanted to do \"when I grew up\". Well, now I am all grown up and after taking the long way around to get here, I am attempting to make my way as an artist.
The history on the name of my shop is as follows - my younger brother and I were having a conversation regarding the lack of words that start with a \"Z\". We began making up words starting with \"Z\" and my brother came up with Zypsiollia. I loved it. I think it has a whimsical sound and has the \'feel\' of a real word, so I made it one. It is my word, my brand for my artwork, and means only me.
I am a traditional, conceptual artist. My work is strange and unusual, because I myself am strange and unusual.

Thank you Renee

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