Saturday, 15 May 2010

Art - Elizabethart


A little different from what I usually put here but I thought these were just just such fun.  Elizabeth says
"Hi, I've been a working artist for 10 years. I work in several and have produced acrylic paintings, art furniture and ceramic sculpture. Lately I have making Earthen Critters, ceramic animals designed to be placed in the garden or home. I hand build each one and they are all unique. I love layering the colors over each other giving each piece luninosity and depth. I fire each one to a high temperature and use non toxic glazes, which makes them safe for the environment and weather proof.
I don't do much realistic work, however, I have taken numerous painting and drawing classes and I think its important to learn technical skill. My work usually includes layers of medium with a gloss substance over the top. I love texture, depth, color and luminosity. "

Don't change your style Elizabeth - they make you smile when you look at them - and that's a gift!

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