Saturday, 3 July 2010

Glass - BethSingleton at Artfire



I love what Beth says and relate to so much of how she feels about her beads;

"My journey into bead making began in 2001 when I purchased a beginner's beadmaking kit online. I taught myself using books and any information I could find online. Once my skills improved I upgraded my equipment. As time went on and I became more obsessed with the craft my work station was moved from a little corner in the garage to my own little studio at home.

I can't always find the time that I would like to make beads but when I do it's always a thrill! I am most productive at night out in my little studio. It's my great escape! Out in my studio I can watch what I want on the TV while I make my beads. No sportsman or hunting shows out there! It's always a joy to check the kiln in the morning. I love pulling the beads from the kiln to see how my beadmaking session the night before turned out. Making beads just never gets old."


Beth Singleton said...

Thanks so much for the feature on your blog!

Somethingextraspecial said...

It was my great pleasure, your work is beautiful!