Saturday, 10 July 2010

Sculpture - Claire



I recently joined a lovely group of people the 'craftbrittania' group, and here I saw Claires work. Now the mad thing is that Claire is passionate about felting, and does it beautifully, but way down on her lovely blog, there are a few scultures. I asked her about them and she is so modest and says she's not sure etc etc and that's why I want ot put them here, I truly believe this kind of talent shouldn't go to waste. Get on and do more Claire, they are stunning!!


Anonymous said...

I feel so complimented that you like my sculptures. it feels like a lifteime ago that I had the time to create these.
maybe that time will come again when I can emerse myself up to the elbows in clay!

Somethingxtraspecial said...

I really hope you do Claire you are very talented - a very specific style - I think these are just delightful!