Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Free Silver Pendant - Tell your friends - share the joy!!

This week I'm taking a break from featuring other artists to talk about my new website, for the very reason that I am just completely absorbed and obsessed with it and it's all I can focus on at the moment.

I decided to run a competition to help launch the new site and as I've said below once there are 45 people registered I will pick a winner for the lovely silver owl. These are proving really popular at the moment, maybe it's because here in UK it's graduation week.

Anyway, it is taking a lot of work to get the new site known. I'm having new cards printed, I'm giving a 10% voucher to all buyers for their next purchase and of course there is the competition. I have twittered the news and facebooked it, but of course, as we all know this isn't an instant success, so loads of promoting and work. When people see my stuff it's really popular, but of course it's a very different story online.

Since I changed over to a new range of fine silver items I am just so happy with the results. Totally, completely and utterly unique, absolutely no one can reproduce anything I make, not even me!!

So this week it's about me. Next week back to featuring other artists.
If you'd like the chance of winning Olly then do click the link and add your name. Tell your friends - share the joy!

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