Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sometimes a hug is worth a fortune!

I have a cyber friend who has spent her life being bullied by an inner demon, and finally she has found a way of evicting that demon and appreciating that she is an amazing and gifted artist, but it needed kind words from others for her to realise this. (I won't say her name but many who read this will know who I mean).

It's crap you know, to grow up and doubt yourself all your life, too many of us do it.
So, today I handed over a piece that was commissioned by a stranger. I tortured myself the entire time I was making it, it wasn't my normal style and I just wasn't sure. I met the lady, and she.. hugged me!! I welled up like a good 'un!That hug meant so so much.

So, I was so delighted, I posted about it on facebook, and a lovely lady who sells some of my stuff in her shop posted the following back:

"We had a gentleman raving about your work last week. He bought his wife some jewellery for Christmas and she really loved it, so he came in and got some more pieces for her birthday, I think she will have one of everything soon. We'll have to expand our range!!"

So, today has been a lovely lovely day, and today I feel what I do is maybe good enough, unfortunately I know who I am and what I am like and that tomorrow it will have faded into the past, so I am really enjoying this feeling, like the lady at the top of the post. I am going to make a huge effort (more than I already do) to make sure that anyone I know who makes anything at all, knows that what they do is unique and extremely special - as are they!


tammi said...

Just keep being the wonderful, creative soul that you are. Each pat on the back and acknowledgement will make you feel better and better - worthy of the accolades for the creative artist that you are!

Somethingxtraspecial said...

ah bless you Tammi, its so stupid isn't it. My bf is always saying how we give so much more credence to negative than positive, from today ..... lol

Anonymous said...

we all struggle and i am so happy for you, drink in those accolades, and the sales!! just beautifully said!

YorkAvenueStudio said...

I'm so happy you shared this post! Everything you said is so true. Reading what great responses you received just made ME feel good. Great work!

bluetina said...

I must say, your post struck a huge chord with me! I think your jewellery is so beautiful and you should be proud of it!

Good luck, from one fragile ego to another!


WillowTree said...

We all forget to give these hugs and validations , so nice to read this.

Dotty said...

So good to get positive feedback from people who appreciate what you do. Isn't it sad that so many of us find it hard to see in ourselves what we would definitely love in others?
Be proud!!!