Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Make do and mend - or something out of nothing!

You know what it's like, you have loads of bits of silver around the house (you don't know?) Okay rewind.... you know what it's like when you are a maker of something, you have lots of little left over bits.  As a silver maker I have loads and loads of little bits of silver around (and some big bits).  There are the projects that didn't go quite according to plan (the rings that were too big, too small, too wrong) the off cuts etc etc.  I have a blinking stack of the stuff.  So I have projected myself to do something about it.  This weekend, I got the roller out and either melted it down to balls, flattened it out with the roller or hammered it with my hammer into rings and earrings, affordable little non perfect little extras.
And I have to say I have had a blast, I get just so so much fun from sitting there wither with a torch in y hand or with a hammer banging away.
Here are a few of the things:

The one I am the best pleased with is the belt buckle ring, but the others are also acceptable for me.  They would make nice little everyday earrings and I have priced them accordingly, well better to have them go to someone who might like a pair of hand made silver earrings rather than have a pile of silver in the pot staring woefully at me.  Can't wait for this weekend to start with the next batch.
I've got a Tuareg inspired brooch on the go at the moment, that's the next thing on the bench!

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