Monday, 9 April 2012

The Silver Bird Range

Everyone loves birds, and I know many people do them, but I just fancied having some bird earrings, and it just kinda went from there. I wanted to have a range where it was possible to have everything mix and match, so there are earrings, pendants, rings, tie pins, tie slides, cufflinks and brooches. I have done a few different styles but keep coming back to the Love Birds, with their textured bodies - which look like feathers and a double mounted polished heart wing. I have no idea whether men will wear the tie pins / slides or cufflinks, but then if they were bought as a gift they would have to wouldn't they!! Probably depends on how secure they are, I do know quite a few who would have no problem with them, and that is all my presents sorted for the next bunch of 'no idea gifts'!

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