Saturday, 14 August 2010

Art - Julieclarkart at artfire



I saw Julie's art of artfire and was really attracted to the variety and colour;

"Firm in the belief anyone can create, I continue to experiment with different media, from pencil to paint to fiber, trying several media in an effort to find what fits. Just recently, I finally relaxed enough to explore letting go of the hardwired habit of being exact as possible in my paintings. In other words, taking on the attitude: Create, not replicate. The result gave me the wind I needed to coax me forward, as the resulting pieces are a truer reflection of what suits me.
And, as you will see whenever you stop by my studio, eclectic suits me well.
Another love of mine is fabric and thread. As much as my painted pieces may fall more on the impressionistic, or even abstract line, classical quilting does draw me in. Quilty pieces, as I refer to them, range from classic wall hangings and useful table mats, to fabric art pieces. I love them all. And, like so many modern day quilters, I learned by largely teaching myself the craft, wanting to make something for my new baby. Before I knew it, I was hooked. "

Click on the title to see more of her lovely stuff!

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