Sunday, 26 February 2012

Blogger or Wordpress

It's very amusing, the difference between pc users and mac users. Pc users are like non church going Christians or lapsed whatevers, ask them what they believe and they'll say 'yeah - this is cool, you can get a good bargain at this store, whereas mac users are like followers who have the truth! They know they know what is best, what the answer is and they will share it with you if you ask, (and sometimes when you don't) whereas PC users have never even asked themselves the question, they just use what they do and accept it as it is. So when it comes to which is better and you ask the question 'which is better' there is a resounding thud of silence from the PC users because they don't (in general) know any better, where the Mac followers will quickly pull out their tracts and explain patiently all the benefits of their chosen medium. The same seems to be true of blogspot and wordpress (as far as I can see). Again I asked the question, and really got little info or opinion from bloggers but the wordies came out in force.

It appears that blogger is for pc users and wordpress is more for mac users.
So, here are my thoughts (and I have both at the moment!)

Blogger at first sight is user friendly and quite intuitive. I was able to find my way round it very eaisly when I first started using it (about three years ago), having never written a blog before at the time. The themes are extensive and from what I found were very easy to personalise. You can change the layout, column widths etc, the texts and the colours. Fonts and font size, in fact you can change just about anything.

Wordpress for me at first sight is not quite so easy (but I am new). That said though, that could be because I was looking for blogger things in a different place. I've got there but it's a lot more complicated and there is a lot more to get your head round. Themes? that is where I have to say blogger wins. Wordpress gives you a selection but they are quite rigid, there isn't so much you can personalise. Of course you can 'upgrade' for $30 and change your font if you like but even then there isn't that much you can change. So on the personalisation front for me blogger wins.

Now, I have an ipad and I wanted to be able to blog from there (or here ;-). (Also in case it has any bearing - I am a newly converted mac user!!;-)
Each has an app. Blogpress is ok, very basic but will do a simple blog and upload it for you, however wordpress's little app is fantastic, with so many little functions and very easy to use that it has so far drawn me over. On a concrete level when I look at them I can;t see what one has that the other doesn't, it just feels more complete. Everything is where you expect it to be, links, photos etc plus draft or publish and it's easy to go back and change easily.

So I have to say the jury is still out at the moment. I have both, and will see how they both pan out, I have a feeling it's going to be wordpress for me purely from the app side of it.

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