Tuesday, 7 February 2012

That moon tonight......

It's a really crisp chilly night, I was walking round to the corner shop and a scruffy young lad (maybe a little worse for wear) crossed the street looked up and said to his girlfriend (I presume - also slightly worse for wear - or maybe just pig gin frozen stiff) "oi - cum 'ere - look - the moon tonight - it's really fucking beautiful"
I did smile - it was really lovely and he was right it's bloody gorgeous tonight, a huge close, clear moon. And I was transported back a gadzillion years, to being on Java, I was being a given a 'rickshaw' ride by a young local lad, who said something lovely.
him 'where you from'
me "Paris, I live in Paris' (cos I did at the time)
him ' Oh... Paris. Look, look at the moon'
me 'Yes very beautiful!'
him ' Yes Java has very beautiful moon.... do you have a moon in Paris?'

and you know.. at that moment I was just filled with gratitude for everything I had been given by being lucky enough to be born into the society I had been born into, where basic education was just taken totally for granted. We have a lot missing in society nowadays but I just can't imagine any one in this society asking that question. But I still feel a really warm feeling when I think of that night and his pure innocence.

I was also reminded (coming from a Naval family) that tonight - absolutely everyone around the world, wherever they are, is going to be looking at the same moon, so if you are looking at it at the same time as me, we can be on different sides of the world (night cover permitting) and looking at the same thing - a connection!
So.. do you have a moon in your country? ;-)


bluetina said...

Yes, we have that same, magnificent moon tonight! Lovely post!

Somethingxtraspecial said...

Hey Tina in Spain - connected by the moon! ;-)

Dotty said...

Lovely thought- we are all connected by that bloomin' beautiful moon :)

Somethingxtraspecial said...

Isn't it Dotty (M!) - quite amazing when you think of it