Sunday, 4 April 2010

Art - Quirkydame

Now you tell me this lady doesn't have a lovely sense of humour - just makes me smile looking at these:

Julie says:
Hello! My name is Julie Behm and I am the artist behind Quirky Dame Designs. You can call me Julie, Jewels or even Quirky. :) I love laughter, color and whimsical things. I’m a bookworm and always have at least one book, as well as my sketchpad and iPhone, with me wherever I go. I give all my gadgets names – my iPhone is Clover, my laptop is Watson, my camera is Boo and my food processor is Donna Reed. Art is my therapy.

Since childhood, two of my greatest joys have been my art and imagination. I would spend hours, crayon in hand, creating the people and worlds that inhabited my imagination, seeing them come to life on the pages before me. I strive to do that very same thing now with a paintbrush and canvas. I use both oils and acrylics to create images that are colorful, fun, and whimsical, often with a spark of humor or quirkiness.

Thank you Julie - you made me smile big time!!

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Rachel said...

Love it -:))))(:-
Very artistic & full of humor.
Good luck !!!!!