Saturday, 17 April 2010

Glass - Littlecrowglass

Now here is another truly gifted lady. Unfortunately I can't show you some of her more amazing stuff - so please go to her website and check it out for yourself - you won't regret it - stunning!!

Particularly look at the finished worked link:
or eyecandy link:

She says:
I have been working with hot glass for many years now and still get excited to come into the studio!
My wonderful husband built my studio and even when im not working on the torch I enjoy sitting in here with a cup of coffee just to relax. I work in all types of glass, soft and borosilicate..never met a glass I didnt like :) My beads range from simple to sculptural bears and florals.

(Post title linked to her shop)
Her website:


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fairyhel77 said...

what beautiful paintings, i could just see myself sitting there with a lovely cup of tea. and the glass beads wow. love helen