Thursday, 18 March 2010

Photography - Matchstickgirl

I caught site of France's photography by chance while looking through Etsy, and what attracted me was her whimsical nature. A lovely imagination and the skill to make that into a visual. I have shown three pictures here, focussed on Thumbelina. Is there any little girl around who doesn't somewhere deep down in their soul wish they had a tiny little friend, and does that really go when we get older?

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"New Zealand born photographer ,Frances Melhop has been shooting since she was 12 years old and was given her first hand-me-down camera...she created a darkroom in the kitchen at home and set to work. Often seen in her high school years, running with the school skeleton from the biology lab to the art room(read "makeshift studio") across the hockey field..... macabre picture...

Her professional career began 18 years ago when she moved to Sydney Australia after studying (psychology,political science,german language ,culture and history,and religion) at Canterbury university and (photography,graphic design,sculpture,printmaking and life drawing) at Christchurch Polytechnical College followed by assisting cinematographers and photographers in New Zealand for 2 years.... "
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