Thursday, 4 March 2010

Art - MysticSilks

Delighted to show Klaire of MysticSilks' gorgeous silk art.
Klaire has given some details of where here ideas have come from for each of the following pieces.

"Before the creation of "Picasso's Moon", I had created a silk painting and named it " Picasso's Sun."
It was offered for sale in an invitational art show, and it sold within the 1st hour of the show's opening.
I received twenty phone calls asking if I would do another "Picasso's" painting. And, that brought forth the birth of "Picasso's Moon"
Abstract Silk Painting of woods at night, with full moon reflected in pond.Only the finest of French dyes have been used to create this unique, silk, original painting. "

"I love Albert, he's my man and this silk painting is a mere attempt at capturing the abstract complex thinking of Albert Einstein. It consists of symbols: hexagongs, squares,circles, and various images that appear four dimensional.French dyes were placed in the various shapes giving the painting a brilliant luster.
The photo can not capture the true beauty.
Size:29 1/2 inches by 31 3/4 inches.
Painting is framed and ready to display. The painting can be displayed in four different positions: There is no up or down , right or left.
Wasn't Einstein a genius? "

"This silk painting was inspired by a photo from National Geographic. In the photo was a forest violet, so very small, it was. On one petal of this little beauty, sat a tiny yellow spider.
I felt the need to paint this scene, so that others would notice something they would ordinarily pass by, or even step upon."
Size 29x29inches

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