Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Taking so long to sort myself out here

I have a shop on Etsy, I have a shop on Artfire, I have my own website:, and there is a blog on there, but it's really quite restricted so have gotten a bit fed up with it.
I am on twitter and have a fanpage on facebook. Oh my god!
I could just spend all my life on the net but know I will have to focus on one place soon, you can only spread yourself around so much without getting too thin.
I am spending less and less time actually making the jewellery that I am promoting. It takes a lot of time getting my supplies, then after making, I need to photo, which I then have to edit and then upload onto the computer. After that I have to upload to for my website. Then I have to upload to etsy, write the description, go to a xe currency converter to exchange the price into dollars. I then put the photos up. I go back to my website and put a smilar lot of info up, plus the pics from picturetrail and the slide shows and then go over to artfire and do it all over again. I may let people on twitter know and / or the fan page on facebook. So as you can see, its rediculous. That isn't taking into account the google analytics or adwords or vutrac and have stopped doing flickr now.
If anyone has any good ideas or comments please do let me know, cos this is getting on my nerves, there must be a better way of doing all this.
And now I'm doing this.....................

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