Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Glass - Sheila Morley

Another true artist is Sheila Morely. I came across her site and just fell in love with her pieces. Each bead is a little world inside itself.

"I am making glass beads and sculptures, above a flame. I hold a rod of glass in a fire and melt it into a bead! I paint in the air! I work with the most amazing material in the universe! I hang out with people that say they are "in Love" with glass. (that is one of my favorite parts.) "
I make Murrini, beads,marbles paper weights, future sculptures, and ACEO cards...I love to draw and sculpt with clay too.
I live with my two children, and a supportive husband. All three are very creative, and I am inspired to make art with them. I have a feeling the art I put out in cyber space will not just be my own...exciting creations are ahead! ......
I like to create things. I have contributed to some other Artist's projects...; I just really like to have my create time to be for me; not just money. So, I am there in Autocad land, and I am here...
This is my passion; creating. It makes me happy when I can create something that has deep meaning, and have its value be sentimental to its owner.

Visit her website:


Thank you Sheila - Love love love your stuff!

Update: Bless her heart - she has blogged me back ;-) See it here:

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